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Patagonia Rising Reaching Out

We have completed post-production on Patagonia Rising! Well into our third year of work on the project we have achieved a major milestone, though more work lies ahead. We have submitted the film to a number of international festivals and are waiting for responses. The premiere will likely happen this spring. We will let you know as soon as we do. For now please enjoy the trailer here on the website.

We will also be sending the project to television networks in Chile and across Latin America. If you recommend specific networks or have contact information for any potential broadcasters please get in touch. This is a critical component of our plans for the film and we need help reaching the broadest audience possible. And on that note, we are seeking funding support for outreach and distribution. Post-production completely tapped our bank account and we need help with all the costs around marketing and distributing the film. Donations of any size can be made to Patagonia Rising through our fiscal sponsor via website or by mail. Please visit the “Support” page for more information.

Please stay tuned for news on the premiere of Patagonia Rising and other exciting broadcast opportunities soon to follow!

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