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Help Us Wrap Up Post Production

The year 2010 has been busy and successful for Patagonia Rising. Post-production began in the first half of the year as we got organized for the edit and worked on fundraising. In June we had a funding breakthrough, receiving financial support from the Weeden Foundation, NRDC, and an anonymous source. With their generous support we have been working full steam ahead for the latter half of the year.

We have now officially locked picture on the film and are working on sound score, audio mix, and color correction. We need funding help to bring us over the post-production finish line. And while finishing post will be a major milestone, we are far from done. We have already begun an audience engagement and distribution campaign. We really need to expand the website and create a Spanish language version. This will help us reach out to more communities directly affected by issues in the film. If you or anyone you know is looking to make a tax-deductible donation before the end of the year, or anytime, please consider Patagonia Rising.

Thanks for the ongoing support. We will keep you posted on our progress and opportunities to see the film in 2011.

2011 Newport Beach International Film Festival
2011 San Francisco Documentary Film Festival
2011 Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival
2011 Valdivia International Film Festival, Valdivia, Chile
2011 Festival Internacional de Cine Oaxaca, Oaxaca, Mexico
2011 Festival de Cine de la Patagonia Aysén, Winner Special Jury Award
2011 Certamen de Cine de Viajes del Ocejón, Spain, Winner Jury Award
2012 Festival Cine Otro Valparaiso, Chile, Winner Presidente Allende Award
2012 Wild & Scenic Film Festival
2011 Carmel Film Festival
2011 Yosemite Film Festival, Winner El Capitan Award
2011 Santa Rosa International Film Festival
2011 Pacific Rim Film Festival
2011 Three Rivers Film Festival
2012 Festival Cine de Latino, Stuttgart, Germany