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Brian Lilla, Director

Brian Lilla


Director Brian Lilla is an Oakland, California filmmaker whose evolving success hinges on his creative ability to merge marginalized people with honest and intimate storytelling. Lilla’s last documentary, Tale Of Two Bondage Models, screened to sold-out audiences at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival and went on to show at international festivals around the globe. Dedicated to compelling stories, Lilla’s 2000 directorial debut 20 To Life, a documentary on underground pool skating, was selected as an opening short to Sony Pictures Dog-Town: The Z Boys Story, and later received international distribution through VAS Entertainment. Taking to the streets of Oakland in 2004, Lilla directed the feature documentary Ghetto Fabulous. Following the daily lives of young black men known as the Falcon Boys, Ghetto Fabulous unveils the talents, struggles, and truths of living in the face of murder, poverty, and crime. Screening at international festivals from Atlanta to Amsterdam, Lilla established himself as a full-time director. Returning to his mountaineering roots, Lilla turns his attention to Patagonia Rising and the global topics of water and power.

Greg Miller, Producer

Greg Miller


Producer Greg Miller is a San Francisco, California filmmaker committed to documentary storytelling. Greg’s 2007 documentary debut, La Revolución Comunicativa, exposed Venezuela’s burgeoning community radio and television movement. Through building relationships with locals in urban and rural communities he was allowed intimate access to the Venezuelan people who are revolutionizing broadcast media. Screening in film festivals and political conferences across the United States and Canada, La Revolución Comunicativa won Best New Documentary at a festival premiere in Monterey, CA in February 2008. Greg currently works as a location sound mixer on programs for PBS, the History Channel, MTV, and documentaries slated for theatrical release. Passionate about exposing stories that amplify the voices of the overlooked and misrepresented, Greg brings his attention back to South America and the voices rising from Patagonia.

Scott Douglas, Producer

Scott Douglas


Scott Douglas is a writer, producer and guide living with his family in Hailey, Idaho.  From 2000-2008 he was a partner in Sun Valley Trekking, an outfitter and guide service.  During this time Scott also taught for Prescott College, and worked as a builder.  Scott holds an MFA in writing from Naropa University.  His work has appeared in magazines such as Couloir, The American Whitewater Journal, and Sun Valley Guide.  In 2008 and 2009 Scott traveled throughout Chile with teams of scientists and engineers to investigate the HidroAysén proposal, and turned his attention to building the Patagonia Rising team and producing the documentary.

Jonathan Leidich, Field Producer and Logistics Coordinator

Jonathan Leidich

Field Producer and Logistics Coordinator

Jonathan Leidich is a Colorado native who moved to the Aysén Region of Chile in 1997 to found Patagonia Adventure Expeditions (PAEX). He works with gauchos and many others at both local and national levels to create an expanding infrastructure in the Baker River headwaters. From its creation as an adventure tourism service, PAEX has diversified into science and education, creating a trident of sustainable development for Patagonia. Through his close ties with the communities along the Baker River, his exceptional people skills, and with logistical miracle working, Leidich enabled five intense weeks of production in Patagonia. He opened the doors to bring Patagonia Rising to life.

Fernanda Bozzolo, Producer

Fernanda Bozzolo

Field Producer

Fernanda Bozzolo was raised in Santiago but drawn to the vast wilderness in the south. Working in Patagonia’s renowned Pumalin Park for 10 years, Fernanda formed a deep understanding of the region’s unique habitat through a hands-on approach to conservation. She is now the lead administrator and logistical coordinator at Patagonia Adventure Expeditions. Fluent in Spanish and English, Fernanda’s intimate knowledge of Patagonia is invaluable to research teams, conservationists and adventurers navigating the vast region. Through her residency in the Rio Baker watershed she has become a trusted advocate for the rural landscape and frontier community. Fernanda now turns her deep understanding and passion for protecting Patagonia to uncovering the true story behind the dams.